featuring Velizar in the mix, New York

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Introducing A-Ux at EW party this Saturday, 10.20.07

A-ux is deeply interested in experiencing emotional and surreal music.
Inspired by the electronic compositions, he sets out to capture some
of that energy and intensity with electronics and computer. From an
early age, his classical background in piano and his experimental
attitude allowed him to achieve a good balance between musical and
technological aspects. While growing up with a diverse musical style,
he tends not to draw upon solely on one influence. From Debussy, Stone
Temple Pilots, Boards of Canada, his pieces attempt to be timeless and
distinctive. Currently residing in New York, A-ux keeps New York
crowds experiencing his new sound and beat with his acclaimed live
electronica act. He also collaborates with many artists and producing
their music.


Anonymous said...

Tae of A-UX was awesome! I don't get to see too many live acts like him. Super fresh guy, too. Hope to see him back at another EW party.