featuring Velizar in the mix, New York

Friday, September 14, 2007

Elegantly Wasted Saturday with Velizar 0915 [Session Two]

Here at In Progress, we are all very excited about tomorrow night's party.

As some of you might be aware of that the main purpose of Elegantly Wasted Saturdays with Velizar @ Vault is to enhance the overall music quality in the nightclub environment. Hence, we are working very hard to bring in topnotch musicians to work with Velizar?. During the course of coming months, you will all be witnessing some most amazing young musicians in our days in our party and working together to introduce the sound of electronic music to the public.

Tomorrow night, our featured musicians are Nick Demopoulos (Guitar), Tomas Fujiwara (Drums) and Jeremy Wilms (bass) for the NYC based trio, Exegesis. The definition of Exegesis is the belief that symbols, scientific thought, astronomical ideas, numerical ratios and conceptual art and architecture can be expressed in sound. The group consists of guitar, bass, drums and makes use of live samplers and interactive music software in performances. EXEGESIS has a very identifiable, eclectic group sound and is committed to maintaining a high level of musicianship and virtuosity during its performances.

The performance will start at 11:15pm sharp and will merge into Velizar?'s infamous 4 hour DJ set that will take you on to a music journey that shakes your heart and touch your soul and keep you on the dance floor nonstop.