featuring Velizar in the mix, New York

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Elegantly Wasted Saturday with Velizar 0922 [Session Three]

From time to time, you will come across people, whether in your professional live or personal, who just happen commit as much as you are! And, it is always refreshing to meet those beings! And, this is how my experiences with Different Creatures have been. My working with them strengths my faith and believes there are people like us who do what they love and work hard for what they love. So, it is a great pleasure to be presenting the highly anticipated debut performance of this super talent group this Saturday.

The members from Different Creatures are 7 musicians who are all individually highly accomplished in their own disciplines. Some soloed in the album with HipPop giants like 50 Cents, played live with John Lengend, featured and sponsored by Yamaha, collaborated with artists like Elton John and Enya, and appeared in the show such as “Good Morning America” and “The Today Show”. This is the first time that all 7 of them get together and perform under one roof. And, we should expect them fabulously tear down the roof with our In progress Resident DJ, Velizar?.

Different Creatures is a hypnotic spin cycle of lush lounge, sparkling electronica and killer Afrolatin percussion. Founded by Lisa Liu, Andrea “Fluterscooter” Fisher and Kate Craw in 2006, the group has been steadily building its musical scope, flourishing creatively with the addition of new band members and their diverse influences. The group's first musical creations grew from electronica-based collaborations between Liu and Fisher, who merged the sounds of their main instruments (violin and flute respectively) with rich layerings of electronically generated rhythms and melodies as a foundation for Craw's songwriting. The group has recently expanded to include Steve Williams on keys, Elan Danohe on bass, Simon Boyar on drums and Gabriella Dennery on Afro-Caribbean percussion. This personnel expansion has launched a fresh wave of musical invention that has quickly spiralled out into a huge range of new sounds and styles.

Integrating a wide spectrum of musical genres, from pure electronica to neo-soul, funk to worldbeat, Different Creatures is committed to collaboration, innovation and expanding musical possibility. The group's name reflects the diversity of its members' nationalities, musical influences and personalities.