featuring Velizar in the mix, New York

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Session Five, reviewed by Justin Lynch

I was in a sour mood for the start of this week’s Elegantly Wasted because both of the friends who were supposed to come with me audaciously scheduled Saturday night booty calls and stood me up! Faced with the horrifying prospect of attending toute seule and being that loser in the corner with no friends, I soldiered heroically on and, after a brief chat with Crystal, Elegantly Wasted’s elegant hostess, armed myself with a gin and tonic and stationed myself on a couch in the corner to observe the proceedings. To my right, a guy with a bongo drum rattled out a tattoo in time to Peter Munch’s opening set.

Lily, the organizer of these parties, had planned a little surprise for Velizar?, the main DJ. It was his birthday, and at midnight, Happy Birthday came over the sound system and she emerged with a birthday cake. About half an hour later, Velizar? got on the decks, the crowd started piling in and I was induced out of my spot on the couch to join the dancefloor. The music was fabulous and I got down. Everyone looked so happy to be there. It’s a testament to the great vibe at this party that I enjoyed myself so much despite not knowing a soul.

© 2007 Justin Lynch